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Your garden is your sanctuary; the green wedge that separates you from the craziness of modern life. To create a true garden retreat your landscape design needs to factor in comfort, privacy and attractiveness. For this reason, garden hedges can be a fantastic addition.


Why Plant A Hedge?

Hedges are insanely popular these days and for many good reasons. First and foremost, they are cheap and easy to plant. Once they have matured, a garden hedge can form an attractive wind break that protects the more delicate plants within your garden, as well as offering privacy from the prying eyes of your next door neighbour.


A Healthy Hedge Is a Happy Hedge

No one likes a scraggly looking hedge. We’ve all seen them: the once proud wall of greenery that has grown beyond its neat borders, morphed into a wild shape and started to die off due to the lack of care. Regular hedge trimming will maintain the health of your greenery as well as keeping your garden looking good. But realistically, who has the time, energy or know how to keep their hedge in check?


Hedge Your Bets

Professional hedge trimmers have the tools, the expertise and the patience to safely and efficiently keep your garden hedge pruned. Hedge trimming Melbourne based company AC Maintenance employs experts in their field who have the right tools for the job. Whilst smaller hedge trimming tools can take care of quick touch ups, using “amateur” hedge trimmers for large scale jobs will only result in burnt out motors and dulled blades.


Safety is another important factor. Many people assume that hedge trimming is just like weeding – so long as you’re wearing old clothes, you can just dive straight in and do it. But it’s imperative that the necessary safety precautions are taken and the correct safety-wear is used. By employing hedge trimming service professionals such as AC Maintenance, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your garden is being well cared for, without having to worry about injuring yourself.


So for professional hedge trimming service in the south eastern Melbourne suburbs, call AC Maintenance and let the experts take care of your garden. In addition to hedge trimming, AC Maintenance also offer pruning and tree trimming services, so they can look after the whole garden, whilst you relax and enjoy your leafy sanctuary.


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